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3D Modeling Contest

14/11 - 31/12


Are you a passionate 3D artist or enthusiast with a knack for creating stunning festival-themed designs? If so, we're proud to announce an exciting contest for you at JLC3DP. Join our Festival Modeling Contest to unleash your creativity and bring festive spirit to life through 3D printing to celebrate various festivals throughout the year. From New Year's Day to Christmas, we invite you to amplify the joy of these celebrations with the magic of 3D printing.

Form Nov 14, 2023 to Dec 31, 2023 (11:59 pm GMT+8)

Winners Announcement:Jan 6th, 2024

The winners will be announced on our event interface and official Twitter account. Follow it here: @JLC3DOfficial

Case Studies
Judging Criteria & Awards

Our contest aims to recognize and reward the best Festival-themed 3D models. Whether you're an experienced designer or a beginner, all were encouraged to participate. The most outstanding designs will not only earn recognition but also win amazing prizes!

The 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes will be selected based on the Creativity, Aesthetics, Practicality, and Popularity (e.g. number of likes, retweets, downloads) of 3D design products.

Enter Prizes

All successful submissions will receive a $7 coupon for 3D printing

Featured Prizes

All featured entries will receive a Free 3D Printing Coupon

Follow @JLC3DOfficial for weekly award information

Cash Prizes

The most outstanding designs will have a chance to win the Cash prizes

First Place

Prize x1

Second Place

Prize x2

Third Place

Prize x4

How to Participate

1. Create Your Design: Craft your 3D holiday masterpiece, whether it's a romantic Valentine's Day gift, a spine-tingling Halloween creation, a heartwarming Thanksgiving piece, or a magical Christmas decoration. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Submit Your Entry: Upload your design to our 3D model platform , and select the "Contest Entries" Category to enter the contest. Our staff will review it within 24 hours, and when it's posted in our entries section, it means you entered successfully.

3. Share and Gather Votes: Encourage friends, family, and fellow enthusiasts to vote for your design. The more votes you collect, the greater chances you win.

Contest Rules

1. Be original creations and not incorporate others' intellectual property without permission;
2. Include at least one STL/STP/ STEP/OBJ file;
3. Include at least one photograph of a completed print;
4. Include documentation of your creations or the story behind the design;
5. Use the tag like #Halloween2023/#Christmas 2023/#Thanksgiving 2023, any festival name +2023;
6. Select the "Contest Entries" tab in the model category selection;
7. Upload to JLC3DP site during Nov 14, 2023 and Dec 31, 2023 (11:59pm GMT+8);
8. JLC3DP reserves the right of final explanation for this event.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays and let your 3D designs shine. Join us in this exciting contest and share your passion with the world. Unleash your imagination and start creating your Festival-themed 3D masterpieces today!