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How to Redeem a Coupon for Your Order

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How to Redeem a Coupon for Your Order

Note: Upon registration and login, new customers are eligible to receive a total of $54 in coupons, with the specific type and quantity contingent on the shipping address and chosen payment method. It is important to note that each order batch can only utilize one coupon, and the combination of different coupons for a single order is not permissible.

Additionally, coupons cannot be applied to merged new orders or added to existing orders. Furthermore, a coupon from one order type, such as SMT, cannot be applied to another type, such as PCB.

Steps to Redeem a Coupon:

1. Register or Log In to Your JLC3DP Account:

2. Access your JLC3DP account by registering or logging in.

Navigate to "My Coupon":

Click on your username located in the top right corner and choose "My Coupon" from the drop down menu.

View Unused Coupons:

In the "My Coupon" section, you can review all your unused coupons.

Check Coupon Details:

Coupons meeting the order requirements will automatically display on the payment page. Ensure you review the coupon details for accuracy.

Final Checkout Page:

The available coupons will be visible on the final checkout page after you've provided shipping information.

Coupon Reception Information:

The time it takes to receive your coupon varies based on its type and eligibility criteria. Key points to note include:

New customers may receive coupons upon registration and login, with the type and number depending on the shipping address and payment method.

Additional coupons may be granted during promotions, activities, or as rewards for specific actions, and will be credited to your account within a reasonable time frame after the relevant promotion or action is completed.

To guarantee receipt of the appropriate coupons, ensure your shipping address and payment method details are accurate and up-to-date when placing an order.

To locate your coupons, visit “My Coupons” or “Order history” > “Payments” > “Coupon.”

For any inquiries regarding coupon eligibility or timing, please reach out to our support team for assistance.v

Last updated on Dec 25,2023