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Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Multi Jet Fusion(MJF) produces functional nylon prototypes and end-use production parts. Final parts exhibit quality surface finishes, fine feature resolution, and consistent mechanical properties. The MJF process can be used from mechanical (e.g. prototypes, articulated objects, geared systems), electrical, medical, ornamental, automotive, to even educational purposes.

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MJF 3D Printing Materials

On our online 3D printing service, you can now order below available materials for MJF 3D Printing. Simply upload your STL files to get an instant quotation and get your parts manufactured from 2 days.

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    Design guidelines for MJF

    MJF 3D Manufacturing

    We manufacture your parts according to strict manufacturing standards. For MJF, manufacturing with dimensional accuracy of ±0.3mm or 0.4%.