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Minimum Silkscreen text size?

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Minimum Silkscreen text size?


2023-02-22 00:02 AM

If my text parameters are

Width: 0.4mm

Height: 0.4mm

Thickness: 0.04mm

Will this text be legible under the magnifying glass?

What is the smallest text you can print?


2023-03-09 19:52 PM

The minimum width/height is 0.15mm and 1mm respectively. and the thickness is 5-8um. so better use a bigger height.


2024-05-04 17:58 PM

Minimum line width 6 mil, text height 40 mil.

With text height of 25mils and line width of 5 mils, the characters will be unidentifiable.


2024-04-28 18:04 PM

Can I use a text height of 25mils and line width of 5 mils