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Sheet Metal Cutting & Bending

Do you have sheet metal cutting & bending services? or is it just CNC machining services?

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Package type

Hi, On components in you assembly parts library such as resistors and capacitors there is listed one number for the packag......

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Which Eagle layers are used to produce a top stencil?

Which Eagle layers are used to produce a top stencil?

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PCB fabrication

What file format must the drill file extension be in

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Hi, Is there a silkscreen on both TOP and BOT of the PCB ALU board? We just have to provide both layers of silkscreen to h......

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Serial number on bottom silkscreen?

Hi, Is it allowed to place the user-located serial number (JLCJLCJLCJLC) on the bottom silkscreen?

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Is it possible to produce M3 thread in SLM (metal)?

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What is the minimum hole diameter you can CNC make in aluminum ?

Hello, what is the minimum hole diameter you can CNC make in aluminum ?

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Maximum Fab & Assembly?

What is the maximum size JLCPCB can fabricate and assemble?

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Serial number for each PCB

Hello, Is there a solution for adding a unique number to each PCB to act as a serial number for the board? For example : J......

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What is the tensile strength of your SLM 316L steel parts?

How strong are the parts made with SLM technique and your 316L steel? Please provide Yield Strength and Tensile strength

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Basic Parts

What does the "Basic Parts" categorization mean in the part selection tool?

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Shipment Consolidation of multiple PCB's

How do I load multiple PCB orders placed at the same time into one parcel shipment?

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Pcb design

Dear JLCPCB, I am writing to inquire about your PCB design services. We have an idea for a new product that I need to have......

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8$ easyeda coupon

Hi, is the $8 discount from easyeda no longer available?

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Multiple designs on a single PCB

I recently ordered a PCB for a design that consists of two boards stacked on top of each other. I put them on a single PCB......

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company account

Is it possible to create a company account that more than one person can login to? We have multiple engineers who use JLC,......

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track width and track to track clearance.

We need to manufacture 4 layer Rigid PCB with 2mm thickness and Inner and Outer layer copper thickness is 2 Oz. Can i keep......

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Are countersunk holes possible?

Can you manufacture countersunk holes for mounting the PCB with countersunk screws? If so, which angle(s)/diameters are po......

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Is it possible to make 8mm holes in PCB?

I intend to order a PCB to use as front panel. I would need 8mm holes for potentiometer shafts. In your capabilities page ......

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