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Glass Transition Temp, 2 layer Material

Hi Do you have a material spec for the double side (2 layer) laminate us use, I specifically want to know the Glass Transi......

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Shipping Mark

The new shipping company I wish to do business with, says I should have a shipping mark on the package when delivered and ......

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Minimum clearance between pad and cut-out

I need a PCB that has a 5mm square cut-out with pads as close to the cut-out edge as possible. What's the minimum clearanc......

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What is meant by Impedance Trace to Copper in the JLCPCB Impedance Calculator?

What is meant by Impedance Trace to Copper in the JLCPCB Impedance Calculator?

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Minimum clearance between holes and internal power plane

What's the minimum clearance between holes and internal power plane?

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Planarized vias

Are you able to fabricate filled, planarized vias?

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PCB fabrication

What file format must the drill file extension be in

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Hi, Is there a silkscreen on both TOP and BOT of the PCB ALU board? We just have to provide both layers of silkscreen to h......

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Serial number on bottom silkscreen?

Hi, Is it allowed to place the user-located serial number (JLCJLCJLCJLC) on the bottom silkscreen?

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Serial number for each PCB

Hello, Is there a solution for adding a unique number to each PCB to act as a serial number for the board? For example : J......

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Shipment Consolidation of multiple PCB's

How do I load multiple PCB orders placed at the same time into one parcel shipment?

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Pcb design

Dear JLCPCB, I am writing to inquire about your PCB design services. We have an idea for a new product that I need to have......

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8$ easyeda coupon

Hi, is the $8 discount from easyeda no longer available?

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Multiple designs on a single PCB

I recently ordered a PCB for a design that consists of two boards stacked on top of each other. I put them on a single PCB......

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company account

Is it possible to create a company account that more than one person can login to? We have multiple engineers who use JLC,......

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track width and track to track clearance.

We need to manufacture 4 layer Rigid PCB with 2mm thickness and Inner and Outer layer copper thickness is 2 Oz. Can i keep......

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Are countersunk holes possible?

Can you manufacture countersunk holes for mounting the PCB with countersunk screws? If so, which angle(s)/diameters are po......

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Is it possible to make 8mm holes in PCB?

I intend to order a PCB to use as front panel. I would need 8mm holes for potentiometer shafts. In your capabilities page ......

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Pcb cloning

Hello. i have a pcb that I would like to clone. Could you make the pcb just by having the front and back photo of the pcb?

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8-layer stackup with impedace control

Hello! I'm designing an 8-layer PCB with impedance control. I'd like to know the 8-layer stackup you offer, since in the w......

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