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JLCPCB launches CNC Machining Service

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JLCPCB launches CNC Machining Service

Dec 25,2023

We're proud to announce that our CNC Machining service officially launched in July of this year.Thanks to the trust and support of all of you. We've seamlessly transitioned from a trial run to a fully operational service and gained recognition from an ever-growing customer base in just three months with the fine-tuned process.

What Make JLCPCB' CNC Machining Service Different?

We offer a wide spectrum of machining services with cutting-edge technology. Our impressive array of processing equipment includes 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers, 3+2 machining, lathes, milling-turning combinations, wire cutting, electrical discharge machining, surface grinding, gear hobbing machines, tapping machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, sandblasting machines, deburring machines, and laser marking machines.

Not limited to metal alloys such as aluminum (6061, 7075) and copper (brass, bronze), we are also proficient in working with plastic materials like ABS, engineering plastics, electric wood, and acrylic. What sets us apart is our comprehensive offering of surface treatments, including sandblasting, brushing, anodizing, laser marking and etc.

Quality & Delivery

Quality and on-time delivery have always been our top priorities. To ensure the highest quality standards, we've invested in state-of-the-art inspection equipment such as two-dimensional and 3D scanning measurement devices, flash testers, spectral analyzers, tool wear detection equipment, height gauges, a complete set of gauges, thread gauges, micrometers and etc. Our experienced quality engineers oversee structural component inspections, guaranteeing reliable product and services for you.


While our CNC business currently focuses on prototyping and small batches, we're committed to serving a broader customer base. On average, our prototype orders have a lead time of approximately 5 days, with the possibility of expedited production in as fast as 3 days. We're continuously optimizing our processes to provide even more efficient services.

In Conclusion

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey to success! Your support means the world to JLCPCB! We will try our best in continuing to provide the best services to all of you! Keep Joining us in this incredible journey towards CNC machining. Get free quote now!