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ESTACA Space Odyssey and JLC3DP Partner to Enhance Rocket Recovery with 3D Printing

News  /  ESTACA Space Odyssey and JLC3DP Partner to Enhance Rocket Recovery with 3D Printing

ESTACA Space Odyssey and JLC3DP Partner to Enhance Rocket Recovery with 3D Printing

Jun 18,2024

ESTACA Space Odyssey, an aerospace and rocketry-themed association from the prestigious engineering school ESTACA, announces a partnership with JLC3DP. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the design and manufacturing of critical metal components for the ESTACA Space Launcher (ESL) program, a series of rockets designed to push the boundaries of hybrid rocket technology.

ESTACA Space Launcher (ESL) Program

The ESL program consists of three rockets, each designed to achieve progressively higher altitudes, culminating in a mission to reach 30 kilometers using a hybrid rocket engine that combines liquid and solid propellants. The first rocket in the series, ESL-1, is set to achieve an altitude of 3000 meters and will feature roll control via pressurized air ejection.

A crucial aspect of the ESL-1 mission is the recovery of the rocket to analyze flight data. The recovery system employs a dual parachute mechanism: a small parachute deploys at the rocket's apogee to slow its descent to 30m/s, followed by a larger parachute at 300 meters, reducing the speed to below 15m/s for a safe landing. This system relies on a critical metal part designed to separate the nose cone and deploy the parachutes effectively.

Innovative Solution with JLC3DP

Manufacturing this critical part posed significant challenges due to its complexity and the high mechanical stresses it must withstand. Traditional CNC machining methods proved insufficient for the task. With JLC3DP and their state-of-the-art SLM 3D printing technology. SLM uses a high-powered laser to fuse metal powder particles layer by layer, producing highly detailed and robust parts that meet stringent aerospace requirements.

"JLC3DP's expertise in SLM 3D printing has been instrumental in overcoming the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods," said a representative from ESTACA Space Odyssey. "Their technology allows us to produce complex, durable metal components in a fraction of the time, ensuring we stay on schedule for the C'Space launch campaign. JLC3DP's involvement has been crucial in the production of the critical metal part for the ESL-1's recovery system. Their advanced 3D printing capabilities have enabled the creation of a part that not only meets but exceeds the necessary strength and precision standards.

"We are incredibly grateful for JLC3DP's support and partnership in this project," the ESTACA representative added. "Their commitment to innovation and quality has been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration."

For more information about the ESTACA Space Launcher project and to stay updated on our progress, please visit their GitHub page and follow us on social media.