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PCB Assembly - JLC3DP Q&A

Can you guys solder APA102 LED's to the PCB I order?

I have a pcb design I want to order, but i also don't want to struggle with smd soldering so I wanted to see if its possib......

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Package type

Hi, On components in you assembly parts library such as resistors and capacitors there is listed one number for the packag......

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Maximum Fab & Assembly?

What is the maximum size JLCPCB can fabricate and assemble?

1 Reply Asked by 64*******0A
Basic Parts

What does the "Basic Parts" categorization mean in the part selection tool?

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small board in production

I have a board which is 16*25 mm, however, in production (100pcs), the minimum size is 70*70 mm. By itself, the jlcpcb cal......

1 Reply Asked by 68*******3A
Global sourcing parts

Good morning, i have made an order using Parts order about Global sourcing parts. Now i have to order a Standard PCBA, i h......

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Buying certain parts seperatly

hi, Im looking to make an PCBA order but im wondering if it is possible to buy some part of my BoM seperately. (so they ar......

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About compoment's baking service

I consigned my parts to you. But why there is a need to bake them before putting into my private lib?

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Corrected P&P file for PCBA order

Once Pick and Place is corrected for PCBA order, is it possible to download the corrected Pick and Place file from your sy......

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Consignment compoment assembly from aliexpress

I know that aliexpress isn't a supplier you work with, but I'm sure it's a common enough that we could source it locally? ......

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Consignment Shipping from USA to China

Can you help me with the consigned shipping from USA to China, we have some project need to finish,tks.

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How do I know if the LED is a reverse-mounted LED

Is C559118 a reverse-mounted LED, what should I do to solder it?

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Can we make the PCB while we wait for the parts to arrive?

we need the boards urgently and we are trying to save time wherever we can. Why do we have to order everything (PCB fabric......

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parts shortfall

If there are parts missing, and I want to wait for JLCPCB until they're gonna be restocked: is there a notification servic......

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How to find a NPN transistors with some specific requirement?

I need an NPN transistor with an Emitter-Base breakdown voltage of at least 20V (the higher, the better)

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Multisim 14.3

The question we submitted a short time ago refers to the software Multisim 14.3 Our question is about the production of a ......

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Identifying the position of a component on the PCB

hello How can I be sure that a component will be installed in the correct position on the PCB? I mean square SMT component......

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Solder ffc to pcb with pcb assembly

Can you solder the ffc from a LCD screen to a pcb with pcb assembly service ? regards

1 Reply Asked by 62*******8A
How to get unavailable parts for assembly

Is there any way to get those parts unavailable in JLC part library for my assembly order ?

1 Reply Asked by 28*******1A
Can I place assembly order first and add parts pre-ordered into order when parts arrived ?

Can I place an order for PCB manufacturing, and when the components in my library that I ordered will be available to me, ......

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