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ABS Plastic

ABS Plastic


Price: From $3.00

Technology:  FDM

Build time:  72h-96h (batch orders: 1-3 more days)

Tolerance: ± 0.3mm or within 0.4%

Wall thickness:  1.6mm (1.2mm minimum)

Maximum size:  610 x 508 x 508mm

Heat deflection temp:  98 ℃

Characteristics: Durable, high temperature resistant, good toughness and good comprehensive performance, textured surface. Suitable for making simple functional parts and parts with thick wall thickness.

Applications:  Functional prototypes & production parts, automobiles, household appliances, etc

Mechanical Properties

MeasurementTest MethodValue
Heat deflection temperatureISO 75 1.8MPa98°C
Flexural strengthISO 17865.5MPa
Flexural modulusISO 1781,530MPa
Impact strength notched IzodISO 17916.4KJ/m²
Hardness Shore DASTM D224065
Young's modulusISO 5271847MPa
Tensile strengthISO 52728.8MPa
Elongation at breakISO 5273.8%



Last updated on Dec 15,2023