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How to place a 3D printing order

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How to place a 3D printing order

As an online 3D printing service provider, you can easily get your 3D printing design into manufacture at JLCPCB within a few minutes; Below you will find detailed step-by-step guidance for the 3D printing ordering process.

1. Register & Log in

JLCPCB account registration is necessary for uploading models and getting specific quotations and well protecting your data history, if you already have a JLCPCB account, please click the Login icon. You can get the entrance of the register and login icon by hovering over your avatar on the sign-in button at the top corner of the screen right-hand-side.

JLCPCB 3D Register

2. File Uploading

Once you have your 3D design CAD files ready, you can upload them once you get to the uploading file page, choose the 3D Printing service page, drag your file into the block chart or choose from your Local computer by clicking the add 3D file button.

File types: [STL Recommended], STP, STEP, OBJ.

For color 3D prints(PAC-HP Nylon): 3MF

Maximum file size: 80 MB

3D CAD Files uploading

3. Materials selection & Specification settings

Select the 3D printing material you need and set the manufacturing specifications based on the available JLCPCB manufacturing capabilities, please pay attention that the product specifications are a required field.Each material will have its own note page and will include a description of that material's traits, an explanation of the production process, Frequently Asked Questions, and design guidelines.

4. Pricing and Auto-checks

Prices are generated and displayed for each material option we offer. Our system will also automatically check certain printability aspects, such as dimension, wall thickness, and weight.

Limitation: Wall thickness > 1.2mm, Thinnest part ≥ 0.8mm

(If your walls are too thin, the part may not be functional, or may warp during printing.)

5. Confirmation & Checkout

After you put all your designs in the cart, click the Cart Logo to move to the next process for order submission, here you can get the final confirmation for your designs in the cart by clicking the production details. After getting all the files confirmed, click the secure checkout.

6. Order Submit & Manual checks

Then we will come to the order submission part, fill in your shipping address, billing address, choose shipping method.

After the order is submitted, our engineers will review your models for potential printability issues that cannot be checked out by our automated checks. If they encounter any problems, they will contact you to provide some options on how to proceed. After the manual checks are finished, you will get a notification by email, Usually, the checking process will be finished within 4-6 business hours, if you did not get the email for confirmation, please feel free to contact our online customer service for details.

7. Final Confirmation & Pay

After the manual check is finished, a notification email will be sent to your registered email address.  When you back to JLCPCB, hover over your avatar on the Personal center button and click the order history, you will see the approved orders are ready to pay.

Before making payment,a final confirmation is recommended by clicking the order details.

If all information is confirmed with no problem, back forward to the order history and clicks the pay button, choose the payment method you prefer, then the order placement is finished.

Any other questions about the 3D printing, Please visit the JLCPCB 3D help center for more details.


Last updated on Jan 20,2024