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Copper - T2 CNC Machining

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Copper - T2 CNC Machining

T2, purple copper for short. T2 copper refers to copper-silver alloy, in which the copper content of copper + silver elements > 99.9% can be, there is no requirement for phosphorus elements. Electrical conductivity ≥ 56Ms/m, resistance ≤ 0.0178x10-6 Ω.m.

Mechanical properties

Specimen size: thickness ≥ 0.2

Tensile strength σb (Mpa): ≥ 195

Vickers hardness: ≤70HV

Mechanical properties RemarksRoom temperature tensile mechanical properties of strips

Heat treatment

Heat processing temperature: 900~1050℃Annealing temperature: 500~700℃Recrystallization start temperature of cold work-hardened copper 200~300℃


Last updated on Nov 27,2023