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ABS CNC Machining

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ABS CNC Machining

ABS engineering plastic is PC+ABS (engineering plastic alloy), the Chinese name in the chemical industry called a plastic alloy, the reason for the name PC+ABS, is that this material has both excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability, and impact resistance properties of PC resin, but also has excellent processing fluidity of ABS resin. The biggest disadvantage of ABS engineering plastic is its heavy mass and poor thermal conductivity. Its molding temperature is taken from the temperature between the two raw materials, that is, 240-265 degrees, the temperature is too high ABS will decompose, and too low PC material mobility is not good.

Mechanical properties

ABS has excellent mechanical properties, its impact strength is excellent, and can be used at very low temperatures: ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and oil resistance, and can be used for bearings under medium load and speed. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly affected by temperature.


Last updated on Nov 27,2023