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8001 - Photosensitive Resin

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8001 - Photosensitive Resin


Price:From $1.00

Technology: SLA(stereolithography)

Color: Transparent, Translucent

Build time: 72 hours (Batch orders will be longer)

Tolerance : ±0.2mm or within 0.3%

Recommended wall thickness: > 0.8mm

Max build size : 580mm x 580mm x 380mm

Minimum build size : 5mm x 5mm x 5mm / 10mm x 10mm x 2mm

Heat deflection temp: 53℃

Strengths: Excellent strength and toughness, high precision, and good dimensional stability.

Weaknesses: May have slight bubbles or textures on the surface. Not suitable for outdoor use, high temperatures, strong sunlight, and UV light environments.

Applications: Structural verification of household appliances, automotive parts, digital and consumer electronic products. Suitable for general assembly parts,  small functional components, and products with transparency requirements.


For transparent 8001 Resin, sanding and oil spraying will be applied by default.

Bubbles or small holes on the surface could not be completely avoided, and complex structures are hard to be completely transparent. The printing effect may not fully meet optical experiment requirements.

For translucent 8001 Resin, supports removal by default, and no sanding process. process.

Mechanical Properties

MeasurementTest MethodValue
Hardness, Shore DASTM D 224086
Flexural modulus, MpaASTM D 790M2,100
Flexural strength, MpaASTM D 790M86
Tensile strength, MPaASTM D 63848
Elongation at breakASTM D 63812%
Water AbsorptionD570-980.48%
Impact strength notched IzodASTM D256A28 J/m
Heat deflection temperature, ℃ ASTMD648@66PSI 53℃



Last updated on Nov 27,2023

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