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PA12-CF Plastic

PA12-CF Plastic


Price:From $3.00

Technology: FDM

Build time: 72h (Batch orders will be longer)

Colors: Black

Tolerance: ± 0.3mm or within 0.4%

Wall thickness: 1.6mm (1.2mm minimum)

Maximum build size: 250mm x 250mm x 250mm

Minimum build size: 30mm x 30mm x 15mm

Heat deflection temp: 105 ℃

Strengths: Durable, high temperature resistance, good toughness and good comprehensive performance. PA12-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced PA12 (Nylon 12) filament. Thanks to the low moisture sensitivity of PA12, this product features outstanding mechanical and thermal properties even after the moisture conditioning process.

Weaknesses: Textured surface.(But it is slightly smoother to the touch than ABS, ASA, PLA)

Applications: Functional prototypes & production parts, automobiles, household appliances, consumer electronics.

Mechanical Properties

MeasurementTest MethodValue
Heat deflection temperatureISO 75 1.8MPa105°C
Glass transition temperatureDSC, 10°C /min 108°C
Melting temperature DSC, 10°C /min 165°C
Flexural strengthISO 178114.1MPa
Flexural modulusISO 1783,532MPa
Impact strength notched IzodISO 17912.1KJ/m²
Young’s modulusISO 5273748MPa
Tensile strengthISO 52769.3MPa
Elongation at breakISO 5272.9%


Last updated on Dec 08,2023