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CBY - Photosensitive Resin

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CBY - Photosensitive Resin

cby material


Price: From $0.3

Technology: SLA (Stereolithography)

Color: Faint Yellow

Build time: 72h (Batch orders will be longer )

Tolerance: ±0.2mm or within 0.3%

Recommended wall thickness: > 0.8mm

Max build size: 780mm x 780mm x 530mm

Heat deflection temp: 72℃

Strengths: Smooth surface finish, High dimensional stability, good temperature resistance, suitable for batch parts production.

Weaknesses: Not suitable for outdoors, high temperatures, sunlight and UV light environments.

Applications: Structural and appearance verification of master molds, conceptual models, general components, and functional components in industrial fields such as shoe molds, automobiles, and consumer electronics.

Material Properties

MeasurementTest MethodValue
Hardness, Shore DASTM D 224076-85
Flexural modulus, MpaASTM D 790M2,450-2,550  
Flexural strength, MpaASTM D 790M50- 65
Tensile modulus, MpaASTM D 6382,150-2,370
Tensile strength, MPaASTM D 63825-30
Elongation at breakASTM D 63812 -20%
Impact strength notched Izod, J/mASTM D25658-70
Heat deflection temperature, ℃ASTM D 648 @66PSI72-80
Glass transition, Tg ℃DMA,E”peak74-85


Last updated on Dec 12,2023