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Precimid 1172 Pro Nylon

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Precimid 1172 Pro Nylon

Precimid 1172 Pro Nylon


Price: From $1.00

Technology: SLS

Build time: 72h

Color: White

Tolerance:  ±0.3mm(within 100mm) or ±0.4% (above 100mm)

Recommended wall thickness:  ≥1mm

Max build size: 300x300x590mm

Features: Good toughness, excellent mechanical properties, good printing accuracy, suitable for the application of high-performance parts, grainy surface, textures.

Heat deflection temp: 179 ℃

Applications: Automotive, aerospace, electrical appliances, consumer electronics, etc.

Mechanical Properties

MeasurementTest MethodValue
Heat Deflection Temperature 0.45MpaASTM D648179°C
Flexural strengthASTM D79050MPa
Flexural modulusASTM D7901,300MPa
Elongation at breakASTM D6388-15%
Tensile StrengthASTM D63846 MPa
Tensile ModulusASTM D6381,800 MPa
IZOD Impact Strength
with notch
ASTM D25640 J/M
IZOD Impact Strength
without notch
ASTM D256350 J/M


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Last updated on Jan 10,2024