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X Resin - Photosensitive Resin

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X Resin - Photosensitive Resin

Free Prototyping

X Resin is a novel resin introduced by JLC3DP, employing the concept of blind box resin, utilizing a randomized distribution for resin printing. There is a high probability of randomly matching high-value resin materials such as Imagine Black and 8001, with prices starting as low as $0.3. Orders are shipped within 72 hours, promising an experience filled with anticipation and the unknown.


Price: From $0.3

Technology:  SLA (Stereolithography)

Color:  Randomly

Build time: 72h  Tolerance: ±0.2mm or within 0.3%

Recommended wall thickness: > 0.8mm

Max build size: 780mm x 780mm x 530mm

Strengths: Smooth surface finish, High dimensional stability, good temperature resistance, suitable for batch parts production.

Weaknesses: NOT suitable for outdoors, high temperatures, sunlight and UV light environments.

Applications: Structural and appearance verification of master molds, conceptual models, general components, and functional components in industrial fields such as shoe molds, automobiles, and consumer electronics.

Suitable Customer Base for X Resin:

X Resin is highly suitable for makers, engineers, individual enthusiasts, and similar groups for project validation and preliminary sampling. Moreover, there are no minimum order requirements.

Points to Note:

1. Due to the unique resin allocation mechanism of X Resin, orders will be printed on different devices with varying parameters. Therefore, only sample orders are supported, not bulk orders.

2. X Resin is ideal for sample validation, collectible figurines, and personal DIY projects. It is not suitable for mass production or parts requiring specific performance and precision. It is recommended to choose dedicated materials for such purposes.

3. An order may be assigned to multiple devices for printing, resulting in potential variations in color and precision. This is considered normal, and such claims for after-sales support will not be entertained.

4.  X resin products are not subjected to any post-processing by default, including polishing and sandblasting.

Ps:X resin includes all the resins JLC3DP provided;


Last updated on May 10,2024