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    3d printed customizable gift box

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    Hi all,

    Happy charismas and happy New Year all, first of all, check out this video: cool right?

    I come here to share a fully 3d printed gift box idea, that you can also customize, I provided .step files for editing. you can scale up the model and change the internals, all the design files and .stl and .step files are available to download here for free,

    • Printer : Anycubic Kobra 2 Neo
    • Slicer : Anycubic slicer
    • Filament : Numanker PLA+ (Orange), WOL3D PLA PRO+ (White)
    • Layer height :0.2mmPrint
    • Print Speed :150mm/s
    • Support : No
    • Bed : 60 c
    • Extruder : 195 c
    • Fan : 100%
    • Infill : 50%

    NOTE: When you print the name tag it is recommended to print it at a low speed

    aim also provide 2 nameplate examples xmas.STL  and 2024.STL, You can still customize it as you like


    Here is the step-by-step guide for the assembly process

    Step 1

    3D Print all the files. You can use the JLC 3d printing service called JLC3DP. When you 3D print the box_walls.STL you must need to have a good first layer. I recommended to 3d printing it in different colors for an attractive look  


    Step 2

    Use a small metal wire with less than 1mm radius to connect the hinge between the box bottom and side walls


    Step 3

    Cut the wire at the end and bend the wire with a nose plier


    Do the same for all 4 sides        


    Step 4  

    Put some glue on the back side of the top ribbon


    Step 5

    Press the top ribbon on the top cover


    Step 6

    Put some glue on the ribbon loop


    Step 7                

    Press the ribbon loop to the ribbon on the top cover


    Step 8

    Bend all four corners of the box wall      


    Step 9

    Close all down with the top cover on


    Step 10

    Cut the side ribbon tabs



    Step 11

    Apply some glue on the side ribbon


    Step 12

    Press down the side-ribbon into the side walls. do it on all the 4 sides


    Step 13

    Apply some glue to the bottom of the name plate


    Step 14

    Press it down to the tree model




    We just completed the full assembly of our project

    Step 15

    Put the model in the box and close down the side walls


    Step 16

    Close down with the top cap


    Now we just completed our build and now build it for your loved ones




    • merry christmas .stl

      46.35*2.01*36.59 mm | 17 Downloads

    • NEWYEAR .stl

      45.90*2.00*28.09 mm | 17 Downloads

    • ribbon loop .stl

      32.17*8.86*17.85 mm | 17 Downloads

    • side ribbon .stl

      62.03*1.50*42.53 mm | 17 Downloads

    • side wall .stl

      56.14*4.50*51.50 mm | 17 Downloads

    • top cap .stl

      58.62*8.73*58.62 mm | 17 Downloads

    • top ribbon .stl

      61.09*9.89*61.09 mm | 17 Downloads

    • gift box v14 .step

      194.95*52.60*135.31 mm | 17 Downloads

    • 2024 .stl

      42.25*2.06*27.26 mm | 17 Downloads

    • bottom wall .stl

      53.00*4.50*53.00 mm | 17 Downloads

    • trees .stl

      46.00*17.86*46.00 mm | 18 Downloads

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      2024-01-23 12:52:53

      Great product