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    Halloween Flexi Boo

    head sculpture



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    Flexi Boo is a 3D printable model that lets you create your own spooky and fun ghost for Halloween. It is a ghost that has hinges that allow it to move its body and arms freely. It does not need assembly, because it is a print in place model. You can print it with any 3D printer and filament, and in any color you like. You can also scale it up or down to fit your preference.

    Flexi Boo is a cute and creepy way to decorate your home or office for Halloween. You can also use it as a toy or a gift for your friends and family. It will make you smile every time you see it or play with it.

    Download Flexi Boo today and enjoy this adorable and scary Halloween flexi!

    ALL Frikarte3D designs are protected by the Copyright Law. By downloading, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to sell any digital files or print models of my designs without my explicit written consent.

    To sell them legally, message me so we can work out a deal.

    Hope you like it! Any advice, or recommendation is welcome! Happy Printing!

    I would be very grateful if you print it and put it on social networks to tag me at @Frikarte3D

    If you tag me and have a private account or I don’t follow you, please send me a message so I can see your post and appreciate your work.


    • Halloween Flexi Boo Frikarte3D .stl

      59.32*5.50*45.12 mm | 14 Downloads

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