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    santa claus's advent wreath

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    • Christmas2023


    I thought I could combine beautiful Christmas decorations with a practical Advent wreath. The result: Santa's Advent Wreath. The whole thing includes four 3D printable tealight-candle holders. Printing instructions follow, assembly instructions can be found ont the end. My santa isn't colored because of time problems.(on my pictures, the light on the santa doesn't goes well into the slits. that is fixed in the files)

    Printing instruction:

    Layer height: 0.2

    Support: on the tealight holders with numbers, on the deers, on the santas and on the deerholders  yes, on the rest no (on the print bed only)

    Infill: minimum 20%

    Printing List:

    3x deer

    3x flipped deer

    4x candle holder

    1x sledge outside

    1x sledge outside flipped

    1x sledge middle

    1x all the parts of the deerholder (1-3)

    3x deer stabilizer

    1x santa

    1x santa flipped

    1x santa stabalizer


    first, nimm all the parts of the sledge

    then, put them together. if that doesn't work, use a hammer. be gently.Then, glue the three parts of the holder togehther. i addet tape, so i can go further

      then, put the holder on three dears and put the deer-stabilizers into the holes of the deers. be sure to first put the deer-stabilizers into the hodler-holes. here you can also use a hammer. then put the other three dears on the top (here you can also use a hammer). it should look now like this.

    then, put the beginning of the deer-holder into the sledge.

    then, assembe the santa. for that, put the santa stabilizer in the holes of both you can put the santa into the holes. be gently, something could break!

    now you can put the tealights into the candle-holders and put them on the top of the deers and on the santa . Your'e finished!


    • santa flipped .stl

      101.17*5.10*88.70 mm | 12 Downloads

    • santa .stl

      101.17*5.10*88.70 mm | 10 Downloads

    • deerholder 2 .stl

      115.41*37.40*38.26 mm | 10 Downloads

    • deerholder 1 .stl

      131.37*37.40*38.26 mm | 10 Downloads

    • deerholder 3 .stl

      165.75*37.40*38.26 mm | 10 Downloads

    • candle holder .stl

      44.00*13.00*44.00 mm | 10 Downloads

    • deer .stl

      148.71*5.76*125.98 mm | 10 Downloads

    • sledge middle .stl

      148.46*78.20*88.72 mm | 10 Downloads

    • deer flipped .stl

      148.71*5.76*125.98 mm | 11 Downloads

    • sledge side flipped .stl

      172.05*5.10*112.36 mm | 10 Downloads

    • sledge side .stl

      172.05*5.10*112.36 mm | 10 Downloads

    • deer stabilizer .stl

      37.40*5.10*5.10 mm | 10 Downloads

    • santa stabilizer .stl

      30.20*5.10*5.10 mm | 10 Downloads

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