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How to Generate STL File for PCB Enclosures at EasyEDA

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How to Generate STL File for PCB Enclosures at EasyEDA

Mar 20,2024

EasyEDA Pro, the upgraded version of EasyEDA, introduced several enhanced features, and one noteworthy improvement is the advanced 3D CAD function. In this article, we'll delve into utilizing this feature effectively.

(Video tutorial)

Simplifying 3D Housing Design &Export Flexibility

EasyEDA Pro facilitates the creation of simple 3D housings, empowering users to swiftly sketch and construct uncomplicated enclosures for their projects,and also EasyEDA Pro allows you to export the design in STEP or OBJ format. This export option facilitates seamless integration with other professional 3D design tools for further refinement.

Step-by-Step Guide

Let's break down the process of designing a 3D housing for your PCB board using EasyEDA Pro.

1Entry: Navigate to Menu -> Place -> 3D Shell -> Outline.

2 Tool Bar: The drawn element automatically switches to the 3D Shell Outline Layer.

3 Properties Confirmation: Adjust element properties by clicking on "3D Shell - Outline" in the Properties Panel on the right.

4 3D Shell Preview: After drawing, instantly preview your 3D shell by going to Top Menu -> View -> 3D Shell Preview. This synchronized preview, housed in a separate window, updates parameters modified by the PCB in real-time.

5 Understanding Properties: Gain insight into various properties influencing your 3D design:

6 Type: Choose from top and bottom shell or push cover. Currently, EasyEDA Pro supports push covers only for rectangular shells.

6-1 Layers: Switch between layers, and the type adapts accordingly.

6-2 Overall Height of Shell: Combined height of upper and lower shells.

6-3 Height of Lower Shell: Automatically calculated from overall height.

6-4 Shell Thickness: Recommended to be ≥ 1.5 mm to ensure durability.

6-5 Top Inner Height: Height of alignment recess in the inner wall of the upper shell.

Export and Manufacture

If satisfied, generate an STL file for manufacturing.

EasyEDA Pro supports three file types: STL, STEP, or OBJ. Upload your STL file directly to JLCPCB's 3D Printing service for an instant quote, with completion and delivery as fast as 2 days. New registrants can benefit from $60 coupons.

By following these steps, you can leverage EasyEDA Pro's 3D design function to create, refine, and manufacture your project enclosures efficiently.


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