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Consignment Shipping from USA to China

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Consignment Shipping from USA to China


2023-08-15 10:17 AM

Can you help me with the consigned shipping from USA to China, we have some project need to finish,tks.


2023-08-15 10:26 AM

JLCPCB accepts component from overseas for assembly service definitely, but there is customs clearance issues needed to be solved.

For parcel value less than usd$700 around, the customs clearance procedure is usually quite easy. We suggest our customer to deal with the customs clearance issue if possible. And we could provide help and information if you have questions during the procedure.

For parcel value more than usd$700, it usually requires formal customs clearance procedure. Currently, JLCPCB will cooperate with our clients as well which will have a service cost (about usd$80) for customs clearance service. We also suggest that customers find delivery agent to help with this issue if possible.

By the way, before arrange the delivery, please kindly follow the guidance to place a consign part order in advance and contact us to follow up.