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PCB Assembly of unavailable components

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PCB Assembly of unavailable components


2022-12-04 17:57 PM

I currently would like to order a PCBA where there are two parts out of stock.

Part 1 C89852 lists Inventory Shortage

Part 2 is a DC-DC-Converter (MP-K78L05-1000R3) and is available trough global parts sourcing.

Do I understand it correctly:

- Part 1 will be ordered and assembled by you

- Part 2 I have to pre-order by 'global sourcing parts'. It will be shipped to you and will be reserved for me until you assemble it for me?



2022-12-05 07:30 AM

Part 1:you can use the search function to check if there are any alternatives in our parts library. Or if you insist using the part with short inventory stock, you can place a pre-order for it. After the parts arrive and show in your parts library, you can use it to place the assembly order and it will be selected automatically at that time, here is a guideline for reference .

Part 2: If you place an order through Global sourcing channel, after the parts arrive we will show them in your own parts library, and then you can use your own stock to place assembly order. Please check the above link as well.

By the way, we suggest customer check if compoments are stored on "my part lib" before placing PCBA order.