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Flex impedance control

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Flex impedance control


2023-09-06 16:38 PM

Hi there,

Do you have any information about impedance control on flex boards? I did not find any options for that when ordering flex boards. I would appreciate any info on how to get 50 ohm single ended signal traces, and 100 ohm differential, with any of your flex stackups.


2023-09-21 08:20 AM

Currently we don’t have such service, but you may calculate it from your side and design it.

We will make sure the trace width and space is the same as the design within tolerance.

For impedance, we are afraid that currently we won't control it.

The dielectric constant of base material is 3.3 and the PI thickness of the base material is 25 μm.

The dielectric constant of coverlay is 2.9.

Other thickness should be set according to different parameters.