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BGA design considerations

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BGA design considerations


2023-09-09 19:03 PM

Hello, i would like to design a PCB with a BGA footprint on it that has a pitch of 0.35 mm. It seems like you support BGA of minimum 0.3 mm pitch, so it should be possible.

How should i design? I'm guessing that im supposed to use via-in-pad, but it seems like your minimum dimension for these vias is 0.2 mm hole diameter with 0.1 mm annular ring. That would only leave 0.5 clearance between the vias and the BGA pads can't extend any further than the via diameter. Would that work or would you recommend a different layout?

See picture for footprint.


2023-09-21 15:56 PM

The minimum dimension for vias is 0.15/0.25mm for multi-layer PCB. And the minimum distance between BGA is 0.127mm. As long as the final design meets the capacity, it will be okay. More information can be checked in our website: