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various stackups


2022-12-10 00:57 AM

What is the stackup for copper core 2 layer? What are the layer materials and dielectric constants?

WHat are the stackups for the various thin pcb options. Please give thicknesses and Er and loss tangent if you have it.

Just need all stackup data for your options in one place, please.

Amazing service by the way!


2022-12-14 19:45 PM

For 2 layer PCB with 1.6mm, the stackup is base core 1.5mm, copper 1oz=0.035mm, and solder mask thickness 0.1mm.

For 4+layer PCB, the stack up types are optional (like JLC7628, JLC3313 etc.), which you can find on ordering page the "Layer stackup" when you choose "Yes" for the option of Impedance control.

Regard to Er, and loss tangent if you have specific PCB specifications, it is better you can send to us for further details via


2024-04-06 04:08 AM

Sorry. The solder mask thickness should be 0.01mm.


2024-04-05 01:33 AM

1.5mm + 2*(0.035mm)  + 2*(0.1mm) = 1.77mm