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UL certification

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UL certification


2023-09-26 04:50 AM

Good morning Gentlemen, we have a need to have UL marked pcb supplies with relevant certification, are you able to do this kind of supply? How do I go about placing these orders?


2023-10-09 11:45 AM

Yes, we have our UL mark. You may design our UL mark in the Gerber file ( ), then we will make it on the boards according to the Gerber file.


2024-03-28 13:46 PM

You will need to draw the same/similar UL logo in your silkscreen layer, so that we will print it according to your gerber file.


2024-03-24 15:15 PM

In the article it is still not clear for me how to add the UL Logo to the gerbers.

Can you please give me more information?