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Silkscreen (legend) over the tented via

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Silkscreen (legend) over the tented via


2023-10-02 16:42 PM

I am using tented vias on my board.

Size of the via is:

- hole diameter 0.3 mm

- external diameter 0.7mm

Materisl of the soldering mask is typical - Green

Width of the legend lines (silkscreen) - 0.3mm.

Can I put the legend objects (text and lines) over the tented vias?

And if it is allowed, should I expect any serious issues with the quality of  legend placed there?  


2023-10-09 11:39 AM

Normally the legend on the vias will be removed by default when engineers make the production file.

Because even the silkscreen is printed on the vias, it is most likely to be indiscernible.

So we don't recommend to design the silkscreen over the vias.