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API Data JLC Part Library

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API Data JLC Part Library


2022-12-13 09:40 AM


I recently discovered this project:

It was shut down on 25th November 2022 because JLC stopped providing part data. Is that true? Why did JLC stop with providing?

Are there plans to let developers use the data again?

This is a really great way to get more useres to use JLCPCB because with this data different plugins can be developed which would make the brand even stronger.

One could automate the search for parts, which no other PCB manufacturer can, this is a USP (unique selling point) for you, please enable it again.

Please write Jan here  he did write one good plugin with your data.

Thank you.


2022-12-16 07:40 AM

Thanks for your sharing, due to the instability of the current method, JLC temporarily removed the local document download function, but did not stop the service, kindly note.

We appreciate the efforts on developer side, including Jan you mentioned, that is indeed an amazing job, we have communicated with Jan also to confirm how we can help him run this service. JLC will provide a more stable way to continue to support this service in next few days definitely, and share this good news on our official social media.

For such needs,customer could contact us directly, JLC will give full evaluation and feedback after receiving your application.



2022-12-19 13:57 PM

Thank you so much for the explenation and your efforts on this topic.

JLCPCB gets even more competitive with such a plugin.

Thank you.