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small board in production

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small board in production


2024-01-03 22:24 PM

I have a board which is 16*25 mm, however, in production (100pcs), the minimum size is 70*70 mm.

By itself, the jlcpcb calculator will update the size to be 70*70.5 mm.

My question is, what will i receive?

Will i receive a panelized board? my board with edge rails that can be snapped? my board with a bigger outline and unused space?

Thank you for your response in advance


2024-01-17 10:02 AM

Thank you for your inquiry. It's important to note that if the corresponding PCB does not meet the minimum size of 70mm*70mm for PCBA,  JLCPCB will add process two edge rails on both sides of the board, increasing the overall dimensions of the board.

Your understanding is correct – the panels you receive will have these process edges, for "single PCB with edge rail."  The process edges are intentionally added for ease of handling during subsequent SMT processes, ensuring that your main board remains undamaged. These process edges are designed to be removable, and they contribute to the overall convenience in the SMT assembly process.

By the way, JLCPCB supports edge rail removal service on advanced option, customer can select it if necessary.

Thank you