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BGA routing

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BGA routing


2022-12-28 19:21 PM

I would like to design a PCB with BGA footprint who complain to your rules (>0.127mm). Still, I can't run traces between the footprint with your design rules. The via are too big to be between the pads. On a pad it's ok, but it would leave a hole. Running a trace between the pads violate the rules too. Since I don't think violating the rule is a good option or leave a hole on the pad. Do I need to use a special kind of via or technique?


2023-02-17 12:11 PM

Currently, JLCPCB support via in pad process, which will fill in the holes of vias in pad with epoxy, POFV (Plated Over Filled Via) . you may learn more from this link,