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assembly of small boards

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assembly of small boards


2023-01-03 21:42 PM

I want to make a small PCB 30x40 mm with double-sided assembly. If I choose panelization by JLCPCB and I get panel dimensions above 70x70 mm, can I perform this assembly in Standard mode? Will the BOM and PnP for a single PCB properly convert for the entire panel of small boards?


2023-01-04 14:13 PM

Well, here are answers for reference, and our wokmate has connected customer by email to assist them as well.

a. Panel by JLCPCB with 30mmx 40mm - this is available for standard PCBA service, the standard PCBA will be selected automatically if customer choose "panel by jlcpcb", and JLC will help panel board and compoments to proceed this order. Besides, our system will add edge rail by default to meet 70mm x 70mm requirement for standard PCBA as customer could see, below example for reference.

b. BOM and CPL files for entire board - sure, JLC offers this service as point a mentioned, and "single piece, please help me repeat the data" will be selected by default as long as customer picked up service "panel by jlcpcb" or "panel by customer" on first step.

Thank you