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pcba assembly question

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pcba assembly question


2023-05-10 11:48 AM


I would like to know, if components are not available in your factory, will you supply them from another factory or you send the finished PCBA without those components as we selected on order?


2023-05-10 11:56 AM

If the component is not in the JLCPCB parts library, we recommend that you use the Global parts service as follows, and then after it arrives, you can use them for assembly order, or JLCPCB can make them unpopulated and send them to you as client picked up.

So, we do suggest customers check and confirm the components their need to assemble/install while ordering.

By the way, consigned parts service will be launched around the end of this May, we will support parts from customers as well to avoid such inconvenience.

Thank you