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Send parts to JLCPCB

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Send parts to JLCPCB


2023-05-18 14:02 PM

I have some components myself. I hope these components can be sent to you. Then I will place a PCB order on your website. You can help me solder the components and send the final assembly boards to me. Is it ok?


2023-05-18 14:06 PM

Normally, we suggest customers use the parts available in JLCPCB. JLC provides parts and Global sourcing channel for customers to get parts for assembly. If you cannot find the parts needed, you can contact the support team for further verification.

We will soon open the mailing components service to our customers, which will allow customers to send parts from customers' side to JLC. In the early stage, we only support customers to send components from mainland of China to our factory. Regarding mailing components to JLC, we will also have specific instructions when opening the service. Please contact the support team for more detailed information.

Thank you