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2022-11-09 04:38 AM


For order Y5-5112557A

I need a V-score cut in middle of the board, I have added a user defined layer in the gerber files

Is that enough ?

Thank you very much



2022-11-09 15:04 PM

Hello Christos,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I checked that the V-CUT is added by our engineer as the defined layer. However, meanwhile I see there are two V-CUTs in the outline layer as well. Is that you desired?

We have suspended the order, so please have a check of the production file. (You may visit the order hsitory and download the production file by clicking order details to have a check of the production file.)

Normally, we strongly suggest customer put all the V-CUTs, cutouts, ect. in the outline layer. Otherwise, there might be a chance it got omit if not in outline layer.

Also we suggest you choose "confirm production flie" service,which allows you to check production file and decide to put into production or not.