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Technical questions on Flex PCB

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Technical questions on Flex PCB


2023-06-25 10:40 AM


I'm interested in a Flex PCB and I have some technical questions:

1) what is the minimum curvature radius for the flex PCB? suppose that I want to make a sort of connection (with no components) between two parts of the PCB (where I have components), the connection would be 5 mm wide,  can I make a 180° bend it in 5-6mm?

2) is it possible to have FR4 stiffeners only in selected areas of the design?

3) the stiffener can have electrical connections to the flex PCB (i.e. copper and vias towards the other layer on the flex) or is it just a passive piece of FR4 attached to a zone of the Flex PCB with no components below?

4) how do you define the area of the FR4 stiffener in the Gerber file? what layer must be used?

5) is there a picture of the stackup of the Flex PCB techology?



2023-08-17 09:54 AM

1) minimum curvature radius= board thickness*88

2) Yes. You define which area to add the stiffener.

3) Stiffener has no electric connection.

4) You can define it in the silkscreen layer. Or you add a new layer to define.

5) You can refer to link